Post 10

What I have learned this semester with dealing with other cultures is to not jump to conclusions about them. We have to know that they have came from different places and have experience different things that we have experience and that is what I have learned. I have also learned that we should not think anything different from ourselves are weird or not right that we should cherish and try to understand different cultures because it could only help us and grow or minds because stuff they might go by we could learn a lot from and that is what I have learned.

Post 9

Media is something I believe has took over our culture. Media is where we get most of our information from about everything. Social media is something that is really taking over the world with so many things you can do. Media is getting to the point where it is making people famous over night and now it is being used on the business side to contact and get information on other countries that we are trying to get to know. Media shapes our minds into what we believe about certain people and things for the good and the bad. For example, a lot of people are talking about Colin Kapernick on how he is getting not getting a fair chance in the NFL they talk about it so much on social media that is something I refuse to think it is not happening to him and I don’t know one thing about the situation I am a outside person looking in because I am not involved but media have made me think that way because that is all I see on social media. From the guess speaker this past week what stood out to me is how he went over to Africa to do such a crazy thing to be on the wanted list and having to sneak back into the states. I really want to know how did he not get caught by anyone. It is crazy how he went thru all those things to just dig up stuff to try to find gold he never said if he found anything or not.

Post 8

I was talking to my cousin who married a women who was Asian and not being born in the United States and her coming to the states in middle school I asked him how was it different for him. He told me that they would get into a lot of fights because our family would say things that offended her a lot and he would laugh at them not knowing that it would make her made it did. He also said the different things that she would say would mean similar things to what he would say but never really got it because of how she said and what sentence she put it in. I remember us talking about that in class about not knowing where that person comes from and sometimes we do things not knowing it offends the other person when it really does.

I had a game Friday so I was not there to answer the other part of the question.

Post 7

After spending a couple weeks talk about privilege nothing has changed about how I feel about it because I know even if a person does not have a lot of money growing up being a lower class they still have some type of privilege. If anything that has changed then it is that just me knowing that everyone has some type of privilege but we just do not know about it. When playing the game this Monday I was lucky enough to be in the upper class of the game so I had a lot of say so and did not really trade with anyone outside of the upper class in the game. Just knowing the people in the upper class in the game kind of looked down on the people that did not have a lot of chips was kind of crazy. We ended up making the rules and everything and it did not benefit them it just benefitted us. 

Post 6

One of the things that I learned from the activities that I had went to was getting to know all of the people that are student-athletes from different countries. Just knowing their sport pushes them in different ways from people that are from the states made me realize that some sports for people mean more.  From the readings that I have learned that is people come from different places and go through a lot and everyone background is different so we should watch how we approach everyone.

Post 5

One of the main privileges that affects me I believe is what people look at me as. I am identified as a basketball player and so I get treated like one at the school and around Utah when I go places. Around the school I get treated good and bad but when I am around the city of Orem and other players I get a lot of recognition for what I do and I really appreciate the love I get from being identified as a basketball player.  One of the things the guess speaker talked about was how if a black person and white person had a kid together and they had a baby that neither of them considered the baby white or black so they were called colored. That was very surprising just me thinking that black people would accept anyone and for them not to that was surprising and how 82 percent of black people 16 percent of white and 6 percent of colored took over where he was from but he talked about how white people used their resources better and made the black people scared.

Cultural Self Assessment

My name is Brandon Kenneth Randolph I was born in South Central, Los Angeles a small city in Los Angeles. I then moved to Inglewood, California a small inner city in Los Angeles. I am a African American and I come from a lower class family that had to work for every dime we have earned. I am black and most of the people that I have grew up around has also been weather African American or Mexican and that is all I have been around my whole life until I went to college. I speak english and my religion is christian and that is how my whole family is and most of the people that I grew up with in the city of Inglewood, California. The city that I grew up in all the people came from culturally from the same environment and all of the black men had depend upon sports or music in order to make it in life and that is exactly what I did. I depended upon basketball in order to get an education and make my family better financially. I never really grew up seeing white people and so when I first seen them when I got to college it was bit of a shock to me. I was not used to relating to people outside of my race and because of where I am from I never get to be around people that is from a different race. I come from a lower class family and I see the same people that look just like me with the same problems I never seen people with different problems than what I had. Lower class people usually have no money, nowhere to live, education wise not really there to where they need to be. That is all what I am use to living with and being a christian and believing in god is something that all lower class people have to look forward to is religion and that is why a lot of people that are lower class are so religious because god is the only thing that we have. Black people is people that I can always and will relate too because that is who I am and that is the only race that I have ever talked to or associated myself with and I have no shame in that. It affects me now because I do not know how to talk to other races and have a hard time communicating with them it is something that I never really think nor care about to be honest.
    Myself being a black African American I learned a lot being around Latin Americans and they act just like African Americans they just want to be accepted in the world and being around them everyone is trying to be like them. For example, black people believe they made hip-hop what it is today and different races came and copied it and ran with it. Latin Americans just want something that they can keep without other races trying to take it and make it into theirs. I understand what they come from. A lot of Latin Americans are from a Lower class just like African Americans are and they come from the same struggle because they go thru the same things black people are going thru not having money, having problems with the law and going to schools that do not teach a lot because of where it is located at. My family never really related with Latin Americans because it has always been a fight between us for some reason were I am from. Violence has been something that Latin and African Americans have always went to especially the men– Latin American women are people that have not been a problem with me growing up in Inglewood, Ca but it has been the Latin American men that has always had a problem with black people and other way around. It honestly comes from being in a Lower class family and growing up in the inner city and all you see is violence and my family always talk about other races being the enemy except for people from my own race– and honestly we have black on black crime everyday in the world but we still continue to hate other races. Latin AMericans have the same intelligence as us because they grow up exactly where we come from and so we have the same state of mind. I believe Latin Americans have similar values as African Americans coming from a inner city place and seeing people that are Latin American and go thru the exact same thing my people have gone thru their values are to provide for their family and make sure they have nothing to worry about and that is exactly what our intentions are when it comes to values that we go by I believe.
    Being in a Lower class one of the most races that I have never got along with until I got to college it white people. I believe they just do not know what it is like to struggle or have something bad happen in their life. Whenever i see a white person they are so happy and filled with joy all of the time I never know when they are having a bad day at all. I always think white people are whether in the middle or upper class. I have never seen a white person that has came from the lower class or met one in my whole life. Just being around them they just can not relate to what it means to struggle and I say that because of experiences I’ve had. One of teammates asked me why are my soles in my shoes so messed and I told them I didn’t know like usual but coming from I come from you do not ask that question it is because I can not afford other shoes with better soles and I am use to it now and I know they do not know any better. I am a African American male I am 6’1 193 pounds and I am dark skin and I think white females are attractive but everytime I walk down the halls in school or even walk around the city of Orem.Utah I always find them being walking fast to get away from me or not wanting to touch me when I buy something from a food place when they give me cash back. My mom has always told me for some reason to never trust a white female and all of these bad things but I honestly believe they think African American males are scary.For example, I was in subway and I gave the white lady my cash to pay for my sandwich and she threw the money in my hand was not nice at all to me and it made me feel some type of because all I was thinking is what did I do– so when that happens I only think about my skin color. I did not believe white people had similar values as African American because of the class we were brought up in. knowing that some white people have always had their moms and dads not saying every white person did but most is something that people from race in a lower class I know for sure did not have. Yes, white people are intelligent as they come the most smartest people I have ever been around but they are not street smart at all. Not knowing certain things about life because they have been sheltered all their life hinders them when they get on their own.
    By talking about the two races I got my knowledge from experience and being around them. I have went to school with Latin Americans and Caucasian people and so I have learned a lot just about doing that and experiencing talking to them being around them getting a feel for them that is where I got my knowledge from.  My teachers have always been my family my mother and dad who have came up at different times in the world being that my dad is 79 and my mom is 49 years old. I know the generation is that much of difference and the world is different it many aspects of the world but that is all I had to teach me. The media always shape how I feel about the two races because of the fact that I am always on social media looking at things. Most of the time I go on my social media being that I follow people with the same background as me it is always Latin American or Caucasian people doing something bad to African Americans for example white policemen is something that I see all the time on media so how do you expect me to feel about white men? Being that I had older parents I had to figure out myself how my generation of races are and just like how my parents describe it has not really changed. Media is now getting bigger than it has ever did and the people that follow on social media also come from a lower class family that had to play a sport or rap in order to get an education so when we see white people on social media we figure it is going to be a cop or a Latin American talking about black people in a disrespectful manner. I believe people that are the same skin color as me have to work twice as hard in order to make something of themselves because we are darker and that is how we are motivated to strive for more.
    In conclusion I have the utmost respect for Latin Americans and Caucasian people. They are unique and we are all that in a way. I wanted to give a vision on where I came from and how people from where I came from all think. I do not hate anyone of think any race is lower than mine. I want to understand cultures more and get to think the way they think. I want to enter their minds and want to know how they think about my culture also.
I believe at the end of the day it is all communicating but we do not understand each other backgrounds. I wrote this because I want to understand different cultures better and I want them to do so likewise. Do you believe in a person not being racist? Do you believe you could last a day in another person’s skin for one day? Those are some questions you should ask yourself and see if you are or can you do.

Post 4

What stood to me so far this year is going to lagoon and hanging around the kids. Being around them made realize that it is important that I get to know other people and that kids no matter what they have been through are still kids and teaching them was a real highlight to me. Some things that stood out to me in the video is that when the kids all took the white baby instead of the baby that looked like them. The kids also said that the black baby was a bad thing it kind of made me sad that kids of my skin color think that about themselves but we are amazing and so special. To relate it to the things we have read in class the basic American values and that all humans are equal and watching the video that is all I wanted to tell them.

English Only Laws & Service Learning

I believe English only laws is something that could be worked on to accommodate people from other countries because everyone that is in the United States do not know how to speak English nor are they originally from the states so I believe that they should change some the English laws and not only that but change the English laws. English only laws I feel that is something should not be named English laws because of the fact of what I just explained.

This past weekend I went to Lagoon a place where you go to ride rollercoasters.  I went and had a blast with the kids this past weekend– one of the highlights of hanging out at lagoon is the people that I got connected with. One of the kids Amare I had a blast with and he was filled with so much energy and at the end of the day I was so sad that I had to leave him.  I want to be able to connect with kids like that because I felt a connection with him and hopefully he felt the same I cant wait to see him again. 

Chapter 3 & 4 Babakieuria

One of the things that I read in chapter 3 that I was surprised by was how motivation seeking  plays a big role in intercultural communication. I could see why because you need the motivation in order to communicate with people that you are not use to communicating with. When you want to get to know someone more that is from a different culture you need that motivation. The other day I saw a Chinese girl and she was very pretty she was speaking a different language but I still wanted to approach her — for someone reason I could not do it. I came back home a was reading chapter 3 and came across this motivation part and that was exactly that first came to mind.

In chapter 4 something that surprised me is taken- for-granted knowledge I never thought that would be something that someone would talk about in a book but it is so true. I believe people take a lot of knowledge for granted everyday and we would never understand it at all. When people come to school and we learn about these different theories and things we believe would not work when going into different situations or applying it to your life we take it for granted because some of us believe it would never work. It also talks about in the book that a social scene is a place where people do not have to think about the use of culture I believe that you have to watch the use of your culture the most when your on the social scene because you are around a lot of other people that are from other cultures.

Watching the Babakieuria video I was really surprised how white people were being used in the video it made it seem like they were animals and I could not really get a good understanding of the video. When the reporter was asking them questions and you could tell they were only telling her what she wanted to know and she believed it. People in the world view Caucasian people as they tell the truth all the time it was really weird that they were getting treated like that in the video.